Kwikard : Digital Business Card App

How you can sign up with Kwikard ?

You can Sign up in Kwikard using your social media account and you can create a new account as well with Kwikard. When you create a new account you need to enter an email id and password only. When you will sign in using your Facebook or Gmail account then it will get your details from there. You can later change your password later for these account and login normally.

If someone has Facebook account with his/her number and try to sign up then any random email id can be filled at the time of registration.

How “Forgot Password” does works ?

When you click on forgot password, you have to give a registered email id to receive a mail to change your password.

How can you create a Card with Kwikard ?

You can create a card once you are successfully login in Kwikard. You need to fill all the details of the card and the card can be shared or edit once it is verified from your email.

How “Card Exchange” works ?

You can exchange your card in three ways:

  • You can scan the QR code of a user to exchange your card.
  • If you have someone’s card then you can directly share your card with him from card stack.
  • You can share your card with social media accounts like WhatsApp, hike, etc.
  • How “Event” does works ?

    Kwikard offers you to create your own events but this feature is available for Pro and Premium users. The other users can attend others event.

    How “Broadcast” works ?

    If you are a Pro and Premium member of Kwikard then you can create a live Broadcast. The free and advance users can watch others Broadcast and discover what’s happening around.

    How many cards we can create ?

    The maximum number of cards that can be created is Ten(10)

    What is KwiComm ?

    Using KwiComm you can use the following features chat, voice and video call with one or more than one user.