Ways to grab user attention in just few seconds with your Design

Ways to grab user attention in just few seconds with your Design

By Admin 10 Jan 2018 0 Comment 1419

As we all know that your first impression is what that leaves your brand image on your customers. The first 10 seconds are enough for the user to decide whether he should continue to watch or read the content on the websites.

You need to make a website that is not only attractive and user interactive but it must seem relevant to the user for his further engagement on the website with the content like images, articles, infographics and more.

Here are few points that might help you to grab the user attention:

Keep it Simple                                          

What most of the people do overstuff the interface design with tons of information. Don’t overload your viewer with too much information. Make it simple and put the images or video that delivers a clear message to your potential customers.


Make sure that your content is relevant and have the clear meaning of every viewer. Make your website design simple and relevant to the targeted category.

Make it Personal

Personalize your content to make an individual experience and let your every customer feel that you value them. Create content and emphasize on your customers as you are talking with them directly.


It’s how long you’ve to capture the attention of your prospect before something else catches their attention and steal the ‘click’ away from your content. Not only do visual elements trigger engagement, but they also aid your audience to remember the content longer.


Do you know inviting users to join in social media campaigns could raise personal connections with the brand and keep you top of mind? You need to increase the participation on social media platforms to raise your target audience.

Let Photos Speak

A picture can tell a thousand words. Include a graphic, which gets the point across with no question – making an instant connection with the viewers. The images elicited a strong connection of emotion or make you think about a certain topic in a new way.



Once engaged, a consumer is a search for a reason to prolong their interaction. So make sure to precede next step simple and very clear.

If you follow these simple web design tips, you’ll have much greater success in the world of web design. Maybe it is the right time to refresh your user interface design.