Time to go for the digital business card over the traditional paper business card.

Time to go for the digital business card over the traditional paper business card.

By Admin 11 Jan 2018 0 Comment 1165

Are paper business cards becoming outdated? Have you ever thought about having a digital business card? Your business card says a lot about how you work. The look of your card from a simple text written on a white card to ornate colors and fonts- can be a client’s first impression of your work.

Using a paper card just does not work with the type of business being done in the digital marketplace. These are card offer a limited amount of space which restricts the designers to showcase the full scope of their work. This is where digital business cards come in the picture.

Kwikard is a business application that offers you make your own professional business cards by choosing from a range of uniquely designed business card templates.

Kwikard helps you to bring your business online and increase your customers. It has got everything that you need for your business.

The digital business card app allows you to design your card according to your need. You can always make changes to digital business cards to keep your information updated. We know that carrying a paper business card everywhere you go is not feasible but with kwikard, you can share an unlimited number of business cards. You can also exchange business cards within your business group with easy QR scan method.

The business application allows you to easily share your digital business cards with social media platforms like Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.  You can also search for people with Card Radar and share your card with them.